mardi 16 avril 2019

July 15-31: the 5th Edition of Leadership Camp for Children and Teenagers is now turning International

Since 2015, Alphanet has been organizing an educational and recreative camp for children and teenagers called: the Leadership Camp. In 2019, we are in the 5th edition of the activity.
The Leadership Camp of 2019 will take place in 3 different cities: Cap-Haitian (July 15-21), Ouanaminthe (July 22-28) and Dajabon (July 29-31).
Every next years cities across the world will be able to receive this events and children from all over the world can participate.
The committee is now more open to people worldwide to join.
Every professional can offer his/her contribution as : speaker, sponsor or staff member(volunteer).
More Information

What is the Leadership Camp?

A non profit intensive training for Children and Teenagers on Leadership and more in a competitive, recreative and productive astmosphere with: conferences, workshops, visits, simulation and more. Created and lead by ALPHANET.
C'est quoi le Camp de Leadership?
Une formation intensive à but non lucratif pour les enfants et les adolescents sur le leadership et plus dans une atmosphère compétitive, récréative et productive avec: conférences, ateliers, visites, simulation et plus Créé et dirigé par ALPHANET.
Qué es el Campamento de Liderazgo?
Una capacitación intensiva sin fines de lucro para niños y adolescentes en Liderazgo y más en una atmósfera competitiva, recreativa y productiva con: conferencias, talleres, visitas, simulación y más. Creado y liderado por ALPHANET.
Kisa Kan Leadership la ye?
Yon fòmasyon entansif ki pa fè pwofi pou Timoun ak Tinedjè sou Lidèchip ak plis ankò nan yon asosye konpetitif, rèkteur ak pwodiktif avèk: konferans, atelye, vizit, simulation ak plis ankò. Kreye ak plon pa ALPHANET.

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