Science and Technology Leadership Camp 2022 by Alphanet
For Children and Adolescents from 11 to 19 years old.

The 6th Edition (from  July 14 to 31, 2022 in 8+ different cities)


Annual Activity of Training, Simulation, Production and Institutional Leadership for Children and Adolescents from 11 to 19 years old in a recreational and competitive environment.
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To develop the Individual and Collective Leadership (Institutional, Social, Cultural, Academic or Entrepreneurial) of Children and Adolescents.

Organizer: ALPHANET (37 Bourbon Street, Ouanaminthe, Haiti.)

Location: Ouanaminthe, North-East, Haiti.

Dates of completion: July 14 to 31, 2022.

From July 14 to 28, 2022, it will be the mobile camp of leadership in more than 7 cities; and from 29 to 31 July it will be the moment of tops (the best of the best) of the two previous categories.
the details of the days of different cities will be published here soon.

Target audience : Children and adolescents in Haiti and other cities in the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

Age category: Children and Adolescents from 11 to 19 years old.

Nationality and city of origin: all

Target Institutions:

Types of institutions: School, Church, Orphanage, NGO, State Institution, Foundation, Business, Political Party, Association, Personality ...

Number of ambassadors per delegation: 10 ambassadors (in your city)

Registration deadline:
Deadline for registration: Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 23:59, however places are limited.

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What is the Leadership Camp?

A non profit intensive training for Children and Teenagers on Leadership and more in a competitive, recreative and productive astmosphere with: conferences, workshops, visits, simulation and more. Created and lead by ALPHANET.
C'est quoi le Camp de Leadership?
Une formation intensive à but non lucratif pour les enfants et les adolescents sur le leadership et plus dans une atmosphère compétitive, récréative et productive avec: conférences, ateliers, visites, simulation et plus Créé et dirigé par ALPHANET.
Qué es el Campamento de Liderazgo?
Una capacitación intensiva sin fines de lucro para niños y adolescentes en Liderazgo y más en una atmósfera competitiva, recreativa y productiva con: conferencias, talleres, visitas, simulación y más. Creado y liderado por ALPHANET.
Kisa Kan Leadership la ye?
Yon fòmasyon entansif ki pa fè pwofi pou Timoun ak Tinedjè sou Lidèchip ak plis ankò nan yon asosye konpetitif, rèkteur ak pwodiktif avèk: konferans, atelye, vizit, simulation ak plis ankò. Kreye ak plon pa ALPHANET.

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